Owner & CEO

Rob Vesely

Hello everybody.  My name is Rob Vesely; I’m the owner of California Computer Rescue, a local PC technology service and training company.  I have been working with computers for 30 years am certified by Microsoft.  I’ve been asked to help teach you how to make using your computer a pleasant experience. Technology doesn’t have to be a scary thing, as long as you can understand it a bit better.

To me, learning how to operating a computer is like preparing to get your driver’s license.  You’re inexperienced and nervous about learning how to drive. Your parents take you out and give you lessons. Perhaps, you take driver’s education at school, where the instructors help you learn the rules of the road, driving techniques and give you the California Driver’s Handbook. .  After assuring your parents you are ready, you go to go to the DMV and take the driver’s test. We do all these things just to drive. Here lies the problem with operating your computer; most people go out and buy a computer, not thinking about the training it takes to use one. Learning to operate a computer is easy when you have the resources.   This column will help the novice to average user understand the functionality of a computer and the Do’s and Don’ts associated with ownership. 


Training is a skill I learned during my 27 years in the Unites States Air Force and the Air National Guard, the last 20 years as a Training Manager. They taught me that everybody learns differently. Some are hands on learners and some learn better from a book. I was able to find ways to get people to understand the material I had to teach them, whether it was from a book, picture or the use of an analogy; people understood.  I didn’t rush them; I took the time to make sure they understood what I needed to get across. Did I always succeed? No… but I did not give up on a customer, I just found other ways to help them understand the material. I’m building a trust with my customers and it’s that trust that will help me assist them.  

My goal is to teach and educate my customers.One of the main goals is to train you to help yourself.  Understanding how your computer works will help you achieve your goals, save you money and increase your productivity. Most of all it will take the frustration out of using your computer. Most computer repair places fix the problem, but don’t train the customer on long term solutions. I want to take the mystery out of learning how your computer works

Computer repair and service is more than cleaning out the recycle bin or installing an antivirus. It’s about trust and honesty with your customers. Computers can be complex, software programs can be hard to understand, installing a new hardware component can be tricky. My goal is to teach you not to be scared of the task,  but open up your mind and see that it’s not complex or hard or tricky it’s just a task that with training can be done with ease.

Computers can do so many things such as, downloading pictures from your camera and sending those pictures to your friends and family, load music on to your smart phone, how to type a letter in a word processing program, and how to buy the proper hardware for your home office. I want to help you do these things and many more. Let’s learn together.

My father, who spent most of his life in a customer service career, said it best. He said to me. Rob, Your customer is the person who needs help, it’s your job to assist them and give them the assurance you will be there next time he needs you. Always do it with kindness and caring, but be honest and true, and you will have a customer for life.

As the owner of California Computer Rescue, I have seen the after effect of some other “Tech” companies. Looking for a Tech company that sees you as a customer not just a number can be hard. Some want to get in and get out as fast as they can.  California Computer Rescue is about patience, it’s about YOU the customer and the personal issues with the PC. We do a complete and detailed interview with the customer and the PC to make sure we understand your desires before doing anything.  

In today’s world, the computer is just part of the Technology customers need help with.  Smartphones and Tablets are becoming part of daily life. California Computer Rescue does initial setup and troubleshooting of Apple IPhones, and IPad’s and Android Smartphones and Tablets.  Education is key for California Computer Rescue, we offer training on almost any Smartphone, Tablet, PC, or computer hardware or software program you want to use.  

2020 is the year of Data Backup.  I don’t know how many times during a service call I have found thousands of digital pictures, music and personal and business data on computers that have not been backed up. Let’s not have another home or business face the struggle or emotional issues of losing 10 years’ worth of pictures of your kids and family, or years of business records that can’t be recovered.